Hillary Clinton Drawing Inspiration From Wellesley College

In addition to her roles as a lawyer and a senator, Hillary Clinton is also known for her work with the arts. She has supported a number of artists through cash donations and auctioned works.

Two of those artists are Chuck Close and Deborah Kass. Their prints have helped raise large sums for the campaign.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was born on September 11, 1947 in Chappaqua, New York.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is an American politician, diplomat, lawyer, and public speaker. She has served as a United States Secretary of State, a U.S. Senator from New York, a First Lady of the United States and a First Lady of Arkansas, a practicing attorney and law professor, and an activist for women’s rights.

She is a member of the Democratic Party. Her parents raised her in a middle-class family that emphasized hard work and education. She was a Girl Scout and a leader in her Methodist church. Her youth minister took her to hear Martin Luther King Jr. speak in Chicago, and she began to develop strong opinions about social justice issues. While at Wellesley College, she combined academic excellence with activism. She later attended Yale Law School.

She attended Wellesley College.

At a time when the Ivy League colleges only accepted men, Wellesley was one of the Seven Sisters — elite women’s schools that provided a rigorous education and promoted equality. Located outside of Boston, the school was a refuge for smart, well-bred and sheltered girls from suburban middle class families.

Hillary thrived at Wellesley, where her interest in social justice grew. She climbed student government leadership ranks and became a vocal supporter of black students who were protesting campus inequalities, including a policy on dorm assignment that they considered racially discriminatory.

Her fiery commencement speech at the end of her college career landed her national recognition and made her a star of sorts. She went on to Yale Law School, where she continued her political activism and studied children’s issues.

She attended Yale Law School.

After her graduation from Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton enrolled in Yale Law School. Her strong interest in social justice and children’s issues led her to intern with Marian Wright Edelman, a lawyer and children’s advocate. Her dedication to these causes has shaped her political career.

She became a member of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action and served on the board of editors for the law school newspaper, while also interning with the Children’s Defense Fund and working on Walter Mondale’s subcommittee on migrant workers.

After graduating from Yale, Hillary moved to Arkansas with her husband Bill, where she joined the Rose Law Firm. She was a top partner and a prominent public figure in the state, becoming the first woman to serve on the boards of major corporations such as Wal-Mart and TCBY.

She served as a United States senator.

After graduating from Yale Law School, Hillary met Bill Clinton and married him in 1975. She worked as a congressional legal counsel and then joined the board of directors at the Legal Services Corporation and was made partner at the well-known Little Rock law firm Rose.

In 1999, she launched a bid for the Senate seat vacated by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, winning a surprising victory over Republican Rick Lazio. She served on several Senate committees, including Armed Services, Budget, and Environment and Public Works.

During her time in the Senate, Hillary became known as a forceful advocate for human rights and Internet freedom, and she brokered a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. She also spoke out against violence toward women and girls around the world.

She is the current First Lady of the United States.

After her husband’s presidency ended, Hillary Clinton remained active in public service. She chaired a task force on national health care reform and was an advocate for children’s issues. She also authored several books, including It Takes a Village and Living History. During this time, she was also involved in several controversies that were amplified by the media. These included “Whitewatergate,” a real estate transaction with fellow Arkansan Jim McDougal; “Billing-gate” regarding White House billing records; and the affair with Monica Lewinsky.

In 2000, she became the first wife of a former president to run for U.S. Senate, and won a seat representing New York. She has since served on numerous committees, including the Armed Services Committee. She has also been involved in international affairs, and has promoted women’s rights and children’s issues.

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